The advance booking period of a transfer is usually 8 hours before pick-up or departure from the START POINT (Start address)
Simply enter your START and DESTINATION address into the online form and press "Show transfer price". You will immediately receive an unbeatable fixed rate to your desired destination with our available and selectable Vehicle types (Only for you and your fellow passengers) for your individual transfer (single transfer) or car service. After two more clicks of your vehicle selection, you can book your trip after which you will receive from us requested contact details.
Immediately after your booking, you will receive a provisional, non-binding confirmation (Pre-Confirm) with the "IN PROCESSING" status and a RESERVATION NUMBER that you have on the page enter "My Booking" to check the details and status of your booking online. !! IMPORTANT NOTE!! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO : If you do not receive a booking code within 4 seconds after booking,your booking has not been successful since it has not been received by us.
Within 3 hours you will receive from us (worker) a AFFIRMATION by email and sms or - In case of non-availability - a cancellation by email or sms. Once you have a affirmation by email or sms with the status "ACCEPTED (ORDERED)", all agreements exist or your order is executed carefully and on time.
After receipt of your Luggage , please drive with a elevator (Lift) one floor up and go by numbered EXIT-GATE 10 (by Federalpolice-Office) of the DEPARTURETERMINAL out !. Please call us very briefly under the telephonenumber +49211-16371347 or +49151-52517761 from the numbered Exitgate 10 of the departure terminal and wait on us, then we will pick you up within 3 minutes from your standpoint !!. Please turn on your mobiltelephone after the Landing !!!
After receipt of your Luggage , please drive with an elevator 2 floor up and go by latest EXIT-GATE of DEPARTURE-TERMINAL II out !. Please call us very briefly under the mobil number :+491577-4771870 from the latest EXIT-GATE (Condor) ofthe DEPARTURE terminal II and wait on us, then we will pick you up within 3 minutes from your standpoint!!. Please turn on your mobil-phone after the Landing !!!.
  • You do not have to look for parking space at the airport.
  • You will be dropped off at the departure hall and picked up at the arrival hall.
  • You will be picked up at home and dropped off at your doorstep.
  • You do not need to carry suitcases in and out of buses and trains.
  • You are no longer depending on public transportation.
  • Friends and relatives do not have to drive you to and from the airport at inconvenient times.
  • You do not have to worry about theft or damage to the car you have parked at the airport.
  • You do not run the risk of your car battery running empty when your car is stationed at the airport during a long period
  • You can count on a fixed rate, agreed in advance. There will be no unpleasant surprises.


Online booking

Select your transfer address and complete your reservation via the reservation form. Reservations are answered within an average of 10 minutes. We serve in a wide network in Germany.